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Deda, you sure do have a full week...hope you're getting a little bit of sleep now...I have a full one also..My hubby is off this week on vacation and we're trying to finish up remodling my kitchen and bedroom. It's now 6am and I have to get him up shortly to get started again. Can't you just see me slinging my paint brush after being up all night long? :D Gonna be interesting for sure!

I'm crossing my fingers that this Endo I'm seeing this week will be one of the good guys and won't even think about stopping my Armour. No way do I want to go back on the other after the Synthroid sent me thru the roof. I convinced my PCP to let me try Armour while waiting on this appointment and he agreed..So far so good and MUCH better than the other. Have increased it once already and don't want to have to go on anything else until I at least, get it to a higher amount. Seems this new little blurb in life (HypoT) is gonna be a long bumpy road to ever get it right! Oh well, guess I had nothing better to do!