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Hi all, thanks for being here! I have my 3rd appt with my endo tomorow, where he said he was going to start me on synthroid, due to hypo, i think. Anyways, today while at work i noticed that my neck, down the sides are swollen, more so on the right. It looks weird, and feels even worse. What the heck is it? Anyone else with it?

Ill bet it will be gone before i get to my 245 appt tomorrow!!

? tell me ? Cindy
Id give you my labs, if i had them, i will know them tomorrow~sorry!
Don't feel sad. It's happened to me too where people didn't respond, at least not right away. I guess some people just don't know what to say sometimes. I have never had the swollen throat so I don't know what that's like. What strength synthroid are you taking and when did you start?
Good luck at the doctor's office today. I hope he/she will give you the answers you're looking for.
Please post your results. And again, I'm sorry you didn't get the response you were hoping to get.

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I just returned from Dr office. My neck was swollen no where near my thyroid, he said it looked muscular, not glandualar. Whew, I think! My labs were avail though, T4 .91 T3 105 and TSH 1.75. He says I have Hashimotos, and will try synthroid starting tomorrow, 100mg. But If my thyroid does not shrink, he will take it out~only after one month of meds. He says it has already doubled in size in just 3 weeks. So does this sound like anyone else out there?
Thanks for replying!