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After 2 weeks I finally rcvd test results, and need help figuring this out.
tsh - .24 (in june this was 6.2)
free t3 - 3.7
free t4 - 1.7
What are the normal limits here?
I don't know what the anti body limits were, but they did dx me with Hashimotos.
The nurse was trying to tell me to stay on my synthroid, and retest in 8 weeks. I flat refused. I told the nurse to have the doctor consider cytomel, or armour, but I will not sit by and continue to feel this awful. If they do not consider an alternate medication I will change doctors. Please give me some input here -
Without the lab ranges, I can only roughly interpret your results. Lab ranges vary from lab to lab, so that makes it hard to offer you the ranges. YOU need to provide them to US, adn that means getting a copy from your doctor rather than them reading them to you over the phone. I also need to know when you took your meds in relation to when you had your blood drawn that day, as that can skew the Free T4 test.

Looking at it with typical ranges:

TSH .24 in a range of .3-3.0 (per the AACE's recen recommendations) is a bit low, indicating that you might be overmedicated a little. Free T4 and Free T4 tests will help to verify this.

Free T4 1.7 in a probably range of .8-1.8 is borderign on high and may be causing you to have hyper symptoms, including anxiety, fatigue, and muscle weakness, among others. depending on when you took your meds the day of the blood draw, this might explain why your TSH is low in the range.

Free T3 3.7 in a range of 2.3-4.2 is right where I like mine to be, adn shouldn't be a problem,but keep in mind that we are all different.

My initial gut feeling is that you need to decrease your dose of Synthroid to the next lowest dose adn see what that does for you. Even if it doesn't fix all your problems, I bet it would help some of them.

If you can provide the ranges for your lab or verify that they are the same aswhat I have here, that will help. Also tell me when you took your meds that day, so I can adjust my interpretation if needed.