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(1) Your TSH is a little on the high side, but good luck convincing many doctors of this, endos, included.

T4 is rock bottom in the "normal" range. IT is "normal" but I woudl feel AWFUL if my T4 was that low, adn I am sure you do, too.

T3 is actually HIGH "normal" which carries its own concerns. This may be the cause of your Tachycardia... It bears watching, but most likely what is happening is that you are not able to produce enough T4, so your thyroid is making more T3 and your other tissues that convert T4 to T3 are doing it VERY efficiently to compensate for the lack of T4. Alternately, you may have a "hot nodule" on your thyroid that is producing T3 sporadically.

You MAY be a little Iodine deficient...that woudl be typical with results like yours, but I would say you need to be on a T4 med like Synthroid, Levoxyl, or Unithroid at the very least.

(2) Low Thyroid DOES cause high cholesterol, and in fact, before the days when we could accurately measure T3, T4 and TSH, doctors would measure cholesterol. If cholesterol was high, they would treat you with thyroid meds. Sadly, those days are long gone.

(3) The change in TSH you see is not statistically significan't in light of the fact that TSH can vary more than that in 24 hours.

(4) YES! Pursue this with doctor after doctor if you have to. My TSH was 2.6 when I was diagnosed and my T4 was right about where yours is. My T3 was not high like yours, but you DO need to have an Iodine uptake scan done and test for other antibodies like Graves and Thyroglobulin antibodies to rule out those as causes for your symptoms.

Do a web search on "thyroid support groups" and your state and see if you can find a local group that can recommend a doc that knows how to read the labs and read between the lines rather than trying to diagnose you with anxiety and give you cholesterol lowering drugs that have side effects that are well-known and uncomfortable.