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ok, i may just be crazy but... is there a link between BC and thyroid? i'm hypo. and a few years ago I was having problems with anxiety and panic attacks that i was prescribed paxil for. i stopped taking the paxil and went on ortho tri-lo (BC) about the same time. well, the anxiety has almost completely gone away, i have hardly any PMS symptoms now ( i used to have ALL of them)and i actually have more energy like maybe my thyroid's working a bit more or my medicine is working better... I'm just wondering if it's a placebo thing in my head or what. my husbands trying to get me off the ortho, he doesn't think it's prescribed for anything but birth control ( i was originally prescribed it for mystery stress bleeding) so maybe i'm just scared that i'll go back to panic / stress and start bleeding again... ugghh! I really do feel more like a sane person without the moodswings and depression... any advice/opinions/ideas?? anyone know where i can get it in writing that BC isn't just for BC?

BTW FYI i'm on 75mcg of synthroid, and take a B stress complex vitamin, 200mcg selenium, 400iu vitamin E, and a calcium/magnesium/zinc tab.

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whats weird is that i am on the same BC as you and Synthroid... and I found out that I feel MORE hypo. There is a link, the pahramacist says that BC can reduce the effectiveness of the SYnthroid.

Maybe your dose was a bit high and now has calmed with the combo of the BC.
i've been looking around, and found smth interesting (to me at least) i searched PMS symptoms on google and found a site listing the "effects" of progesterone (lack of which causes PMS) and it lists thyroid function. and ortho tri lo increases the progesterone does as it decreases in your body. i had asked my doctor before if it was ok to take the synthroid and BC together or if i should wait a few hours. she said to take them together, that's what she does. ever since i take them together...