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I have been doing my research on Armour and I have made my case to my Interanl Medicine doctor and because me level's are normal he doesn't want to switch me to Armour but I'm going to find a new doctor. I did find one on my insurance willing to take me but she just had surgery and it's taking any new patients until after the first of the year and I really don't want to wait that long. My question is this after switching to Armour from Synthroid or Levothroid did you feel alot better? Or did you end up switching back? I'm just afraid of switching and feeling worse? Any advise would be appreciated

I am on 30 of Armour 2x a day. I was on Levoxyl, and Sytnhriod before that. The Levoxyl and Synthroid made me sooo tired and dizzy and it gave me migraines. The Armour has taken away the migraines, but I still feel really tired and dizzy. Ive been on the Armour for about two months.
So yeah. Im pretty much hopeless now. I am close to just stopping everything because I think I felt better before I started the meds. Luckily my labs are available in hours, so Im going to get them checked tomorrow.
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sagesmom, Did you find a good endo. in Jacksonville then? I have a great one...the only thing he doesn't do it free t3 testing. If I can't get him to do it soon, I'll be off to another one.

Hi-No, I haven't found a new endo. I was told by the old one that since I'm on Armour that they won't see me anymore and "they" includes everyone in her group(North Florida Endos)-so I've just been to this random primary care(who's name I got off the Armour website)and I had to beg and force her to write the script. Anyway-since it has worked so well for me she will just keep me on it as long as I go for regular bloodwork. Know of any good endos who support Armour?-They're all pretty much bought off by the big pharm. cos.(synthroid).Thanx for replying-Take Care :wave:
Hello all,

I am considering switching to Armour and have a couple questions. I just got my labs back after over a month of continuous cold intolerance, morning fatigue, and frightening hair shedding of which I cannot comb/brush or wash more than once every THREE days!
TSH 1.8 (0.4-5.5)
FT4 1.0 (0.8-1.8)
FT3 67 (50-320)
I feel very hypo right now and have stayed at the current 75 mcg Synthroid treatment and added Cytomel (5mcg) for the last week. I haven't noticed any difference except that now I can't sleep and feel warm all of a sudden. Historically, I've always been sensitive to even small increases.

Should I start on 1/2 grain of Armour and how long till an increase? I am going to request the med change tomorrow from Endo. :rolleyes: