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Im recently diagnosed Hypo and can use some answers to a bunch of questions. For one, my lab results are below:

TSH 3rd. Gen: 13.206 (Ref. Range .4 - 5.5) HIGH
Thyroxine (I believe is T4): 6.9 (Ref. Range 4.5 - 12.0) NORMAL

Now my doctor who is just a family physician and not an Endo gave me .88 MCG Sythroid for 5 days and a script for .112 MCG to take after the 5-day sample of .88 mcg.

My question would be this. If Synthroid is replacement T4 and my T4 levels was totally normal, why would he prescribe Synthroid?

My TSH is obviously pretty high, therefore I probably need something to fix the problem, but if Synthroid only gives you T4, wouldn't that mess up my already normal T4 levels?

Does anyone else have normal T4 and messed up T3? Why and how does this happen?

I have not taken any meds yet because after reading all the horror stories about Synthroid, Im a little nervous, particularly about hearing that it makes you feel nervous and very sketchy...although I feel crummy most of the time now due to the Hypo.

I get panic attacks pretty bad from time to time so Im hoping that Synthroid doesnt start triggering them. Anyone else get panic attacks and know if its related to being Hypo? If so, will Synthroid help alleviate the attacks? My Doc thinks it is related. I would like to hear from someone who was "cured" from taking Synthroid. Anyone else have similar symptoms being Hypo and if so, were they cured with Synthroid?

Dizziness? Weight Gain? Frequent Ear Infections? Panic Attacks? Heart Palpitations?

Im not sure if they're all related to Hypo or not, so I'de like some input.

I would also like to know what the real story is with Synthroid. Is it going to make me jump out of my skin? Will I notice anything right away or will it positively take a few weeks for my body to notice anything? Do you get many heart palpitations from it?

Anyway, thanks for any input. I was thinking about going to an Endo for a second opinion because my doc offerred no reason as to why my Thyroid's not working correctly. I am new to Hypo and am trying to find answers so I can ask the right questions at the doc.

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Sorry bout the mistake...doc never tested straight T3, only TSH and Thyroxine (T4). My TSH was high at 13 and my T4 was dead center of the range and perfect.

I still have not taken my meds for fear of screwing up my otherwise normal T4 by taking Synthroid. Im wondering now if Im just not converting T4 to T3 correctly which is elevating my TSH levels.

I've got all kinds of HYPO symptoms but it sounds like I can almost live with them compared to the rollercoaster ride everyone seems to take starting on meds. I don't know what to do at this point but I am really not in the mood to start tweaking my hormones and giving me a bunch of other things to worry about. This stinks.
if I were you I would ask the doctor to test for not only t4 and tsh, but would also ask for free t4 free t3 and tpo antibodys. at first I was put on levothroid which is the same as synthroid but did not respond well because I was not converting the t4 to t3. on my tests it clearly showed that my free t4 was in normal range where as my free t3 was almost non existant. so I would definately have them do those tests. also I have hashimotos and becuase if it my tsh jumps all over the place. it changes drastically within hours. I am taking armour now and I have had none of the side effects I had starting levothroid. I think your free t3 test would show if you are lacking it. but both free t4 and free t3 tests are important to get an accurate reading. it looks like he did not do either of the free t's. hope this helps. also I can tell you my mother is hypothyroid and does just fine on synthroid so I think it just depends on the individual and what you are lacking. :)

Bobbie Lee

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