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Just curious...looking for a bunch of answers. I had normal T4 (6.9) and High TSH (13.206)and doc just put me on Synthroid 112 mcg but havent taken it yet because Im worried about side effects.

Any good before and after Synthroid success/failure stories out there?

Thanks a lot. I believe the Synthroid does get adjusted for weight, and Im a pretty hefty load at 300+ pounds - all muscle though : )

I just worry about side effects cause Im prone to panic attacks. I was thinking that my sypmptoms are not "Horrible" or I have just gotten used to them all these years without ever seeing a doc, that I can start real slow, lets say 1/4 the 88 mcg pill the doc gave me as a starter. That would give me a little "boost" to test the waters and about 22mcg to start to work my body into it. Do you guys think that would be rediculous to do?

My doc who prescribed the meds is only a family physician and not an endo. I told him my history of panic attacks and he didnt seem to think it should be a problem. He told me to take the meds before bed to "sleep through" the panic attacks if I have any - yeah right!

Anyway, I didnt have a lot of tests done. Just TSH = 13.08 and Thyroxine (T4) was perfectly normal. No other tests done. Why would T4 be normal and TSH be pretty high?

I do suffer some Hypo symptoms such as dizziness, ear infections, dry scalp, weight gain. I would love to get normal but am so afraid that I'll give myself a heart attack taking meds. I tripped out really bad once just with Neosynephrine nose spray. Im very sensitive to drugs that stimulate the heart and raise blood pressure. One shot of nose spray and I started shaking like a leaf and my BP skyrocketed to stroke levels - weird as hell.

Anyway, can use as much input as possible. I still have not taken my meds although they're sitting on my nightstand. Just diagnosed Hypo 3 or 4 weeks ago although I think I've been walking around like this for several years now.
Hypodude, You're 20%(one study I read,not all) more likely to die of a heart attack or heart related illness if you don't get your thyroid levels normal. Synthroid and Levoxyl both take 8 days to even start doing much of anything in your body. It's not like take a pill and yikes, that was too much. And your T4 levels are too low, even though it says normal. I am a big fan of Armour, but only because the Levoxyl stopped working on me after 3 years. I can tell you adrenalin trying to regulate your body is alot harder on you than that little pill. I've been hyper and hypo and honestly thought hypo was worse than hyper. I am also very sensitive to most medications. Can't take most cold remedies, diueretics make my heart beat really abnormal,nose spray feels like it's burning a hole in my brain, antibiotics are worse than the illness they're treating. I had my achilles tendons start to hemorhage on one antibiotic(totally rare side effect). The point of this is I could and did take Synthroid and Levoxyl for over 3 years and had no problems with it until I stopped converting T4 to T3. Take your pills. When you get your next blood test have them do free T3 and free T4. Alot of us who started having problems with T4 meds are older women or people without thyroids. There are literally millions who do fine on T4 drugs. Take your medicine!!! IWL