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Hey there, Ive posted a few times before, and really confused now.
I was dx'D in august with hypoT.
I started out on Synthroid, and that was the only thing my endo would even consider. When I told him I had to stop taking it because of the fuzzies in my eyes and migraines, he thought I was basically making it up. I asked about Armour, and he wouldn't listen. He said it was too old a drug to consider and that the Synthroid did a perfectly fine job. Crap, I know.
I was taking 50mcg of Synthroid when I stopped. Then about a month later, I got Armour on my own. I started out on .15mg 2x a day. I still felt horrible after a month, so I doubled that dose. Now, still feeling bad, I had my labs redone today. Here are the results:
TSH-2.99 (.3-3)
T3-30 (24-36)
T4-9.2 (6-12)
Why are my T3 and T4 fine but my TSH is high? I am almost afraid to up the dose even more. I know that I am constantly tired all of the time, and very weak and sore. How would I know if I was going from hypo to hyper? I am also taking 200 mg of Selenium a day. Could someone please give me ideas? Thank you!