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This is my story...
I was told I had HYPER in May. So I went to see a Endo Dr.
I told him I wanted to try to have more kids... so he said after about 6 months I can try but until then don't. He wanted to make sure I WON"T get prego while I'm doing my treatment so he told me to go on Birth control pills. At first i was like Naaaa in my mind cuz I always had hard time getting prego. Plus I was never a fan of the bill. I took them only about few months after I had my daughter 6 years ago. Anyway I went on the pill since cuz he told me I should to be on the safe side.
I feel like I'm wasting my $ every month since it wasn't my choice and I have hard time getting prego anyway so what's the point. ( I Know there's that what if's)
Plus it's not like i'm having sex much..
Has anyone been told to go on the pill? Now I'm HYPO and taking Synthroid now. I'm not trying to get prego until I get the OK from my Dr but I 'm wondering if I still HAVE TO take the pill.
Only thing I like about them are i get my period on time.
ANyway thanks for reading.