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Hi everyone,

I am so frustrated with trying to loose weight. I have tried everything and nothing works. I even jogged 3-5 kms. everday for 8 months and nothing. I had my tonsills out last year and basically couldn't eat for 2 weeks, and guess what, didn't loose a pound.

I saw my doctor last week and he has kept me on 0.025 synthroid for another month. What benefits I did see like my hair getting softer are disapearing. My tsh was 1.06 and my ft4 actually came down from 15 to 12. The normal range is 10-20.

So as for the weight loss. I think I need to get my thyroid sorted out first because I am fighting a losing battle.

While we are on this weight loss subject I have a question? When I was diagnosed hypo my doc started me on 25mcg and increased me every 6weeks until I got to 112. I am now at 137mcg and 5mcg of Cytomel twice a day. I have had horrible battles with weight loss since, This summer was the best I have done in a long time then thryoid went nutty again.
Now my mother and her sisters who were diagnosed hypo were started out on high doses of synthroid and then gradually brought down> they got their energy back quicker, and lost all the weight within a year. My mom was 220 pounds then went to a comfortable 150 for her weight and age almost effortlessly.
My question is were any of you treated this way and was it more effective at getting your strength and body back in shape?