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Hi! I'm new here. I haven't even had my thyroid levels checked yet, but I'm pretty confident it is out of whack. I am having symptoms of both hypo- and hyper- so I'm not sure which way it would go. My symptoms include: hair loss, being totally worn out one day..feeling nervous & jittery the next, dry skin, heart palpitations, irregular periods, etc. My father & my 21 year old sister have both been diagnosed with Hashimoto's and my mother & both her sisters are on synthroid for hypo-T...so my odds aren't good of escaping it.
Okay, after that brief (LOL) introduction, my question for meep...or anyone else that may know...is why you suggested in a post to another person to watch doing a low carb diet. The reason I ask is that back in 1997, I lost about 70 pounds on a low carb diet & I had many of the same symptoms I'm having now. I went to the dr. & had my thyroid checked & he said it looked "borderline" & to come back in 6 months. Well... I got pregnant, gained weight & my symptoms went away & I never went back. Now, here I am 6.5 years later, I have lost about 40 pounds in 5 months on a Low carb diet, and these symptoms are back for the first time since the inital weight loss. So, I guess what I'm asking is...how does losing weight throw your thyroid out of whack? Does the absence of carbs do it? Are there any supplements or natural things I could do to try to get my thyroid back on track before considering meds? For the record, I am still quite overweight, at 5'4" 170 pounds, with a 30.5 percent body fat, so I dont think that's what's keeping my period so crazy or causing the hair loss. Anyone have any ideas?? I look forward to getting some input. I just hate the thought of having to take meds. everyday for the rest of my life if there is something I can do otherwise to "stabilize" my thyroid for the time being.
I went on the Atkins diet on May 9, lost 24 lbs and went hyper by August. (was hypo since early 90's) I had also added selenium to my diet at the same time I started Atkins, so that might have contributed to my TSH going down to .12 Doc reduced my Synthroid dosage and I stopped the selenium. I also stopped the Synthroid for 10 days and went right back to hypo at 6.0 Now I'm trying to get back to about a 1.5. I am doing the Atkins diet, but have added in some fruits and on rare occasion, some starch, such as whole wheat bread, etc.... I just had my tests done again Wed, so am awaiting the test results.

Marilyn :)