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Hi Wonderingwhy

Sorry it took so long. I think the message board was out of service for posting and stuff.

Now, Yes I had the blood tests first, showed a small problem in the levels, so then I had some sort of injection and a scan from that (some radioisotope?) that showed a cyst in the thyroid, then finally, I had the Thyrotrophin releasing hormone test, which showed the doctor what ever it was he needed to see. Finally I was put on medications (took about 4 weeks from start to finishe)

I am on 'eltroxin' which is the same as synthroid. Now I am going back for ultra sounds tomorrow, as there is a suspected lump which is looking like a 'sub sternal goiter' or something, then a CT scan when ever that appointment is available.

Good luck in the hunt for the thyrotrophin test. It was indeed good for me to have it. All tests except that one are covered here by our health insurance.