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I have Hashimoto’s and taking 75mcg Synthroid.
For the past month I have been doing fairly well. I started a new holistic treatment called JMT and I’ve been feeling better that I have in months. That is until tonight, (I work nights). While at work my energy level was dropping dramatically and after lunch I was unable to continue. I was seen by the nurse at work and my temperature was 95.8, BP 170/90 and exhausted with some discomfort in my throat. I didn’t have any chest pains or other cardiac symptoms so I just came home. My temp at home is 97, BP 140/79 and I still feel tired. This is the second time I have experienced these symptoms. The first time Hashi’s was diagnosed and I think this is the same thing. I did get a flu shot two days ago, but I have never had any problems with flu shots in the past.
I was out for two months during the summer with hypoT problems and then I tried to go back to work. After three weeks I went out again for another month. I have been back to work for a month now and it seems the thyroid has struck again. I keep hoping that this thyroid thing will stabilize but that’s not happening. I can take an early retirement from the company as I am 60. The company I work for has no sympathy for anyone with health problems and I am sure they would like me to leave.
I did have blood drawn for a TSH test on Monday but I haven’t heard the results yet.
I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.
Perhaps you need to try a different thyroid hormone. Can you post your labs with the lab ranges so that maybe someone as experienced as MEEP (alias the road runner wannabe) :) can interpret the results for you. When I was on Synthroid I did not have total symptom relief so I switched to Armour. I am doing much better with Armour. Many people here are taking Armour and are doing famously. MEEP is taking something else that perhaps he can tell you more about so that you will see there are other options out there besides the #1 subscribed medication Synthroid.

Perhaps your bp is unrelated.

Please pardon any typo...obviously it is because I'm hypo!

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I know how you feel, I also have Hashimoto's and that is how it tends to be. I think its a flare up where the gland just decides its not going to work too well for a while, then it will, then it won't and so on, if we could just take meds that would time release hormone when the gland needs more and not release when it needs less, ha, not likely.

Its a roller coaster ride and for some people it can be very hard to regulate, I'm one of those people and you may be also.
Switching meds may help, synthroid doesn't work for everyone, sometimes you have to try different brands to find the one that works best for you.

Hope you are feeling better, take care and keep us posted :)
Was the new holistic treatment you are trying cleared by your doctor? Talk to your pharmacist about synthroid and the drug and non-drug interactions. Sometimes crossing certain therapy's can interfere with a medications mechanism of action. The initial "good reaction” could be placebo. You mentioned you felt worse after eating. Foods eaten could be suspect and impede synthroid absorption. Do you take your medication the same time daily? Are you taking any other medications or dietary aides? Certain foods, dietary supplaments, prescribed medications, over the counter medications, caffiene so-on, can interfere with synthroids absorption and effectiveness. Certain foods may naturally suppress thyroid hormone production while others may increase thyroid hormone production. How is your blood glucose level? Do you keep a dietary & health journal? The Abott Labs cite has informative synthroid information (ie: dosage, absorption, excretion and bio-availability etc). Interesting note on dietary fiber, GI absorption of T4 and how hormones are expelled. Monitor your blood pressure more often and take your temperature upon waking. Your levels should be monitored more often. Has your blood glucose level been checked? Have they taken a urine culture? I hope you are feeling better soon. Please let us know how you are doing. :wave: G