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Hello, again! I posted about a week ago, but my schedule is so crazy that I can't post too often.

I mentioned that I was 5'4" and 147 lbs., but then, on Friday, I had to go to the doctor (strep throat! :() and his scales said I was 156!!! What a bummer! It was my birthday, too! I thought I was doing so well! Oh well, I'll just have to try harder.

My goal for Mem. Day is 15 lbs. We'll see! I've been on a plateau for a long time. My top weight was 175 (2 yrs. ago) and it seems for about 9 mos., I've not budged much.

Anyone out there have low thyroid??? I take Synthroid every day (.075 mg) and would love to hear some ideas that have worked for you! It's harder with a low metabolism!

Keep up the posts! I'm ready to drop this inner tube!!