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Hey Lisa!!!

It is so hot down here. My dh is off today and wanted us to run errands w/him but I chose to stay indoors today. We might take the girls out for a swim later this evening. I have been taking trimbia tablets for weight loss. The dr said it was safe because there were no stimulants in it. He also said don't get discouraged if it doesn't work. I have also been taking vitamin B complex, flax seed oil, oscal w/vit D and a regular multi...plus my med (Synthroid). I will have to say this much...I have been feeling a little more energetic the past few days. I still have symptoms of my hypo-T. I have also taken soy out of my diet. I am not sure if it is the meds that are working or the other stuff but all I know is I hope it lasts. My diet is starting to change slowly ina good way. Old habits are so hard to break. The good thing is I have had pretty good control over the sweets lately and this will be a first for me.

What type of business is your husband opening? Just curious because I am thinking of opening my own business too. (Interior Designing)-Roni