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roni- you betcha I have problems with my weight. I am sitting at 239 right now, after years of being at 265. I gained lots of weight growing up, (I am only 21 right now). I was diagnosed with hypo at age 8/9, was tested because of the weight gain at that age. I took eltroxin/synthroid for years but stopped when I was 16. I stopped gaining weight then, but it didn't budge until this past February when I convinced the doc to put me on cytomel. But I have been a light eater my whole life, I literally am quite bored with it. I have been to a few dieticians and the like, they tried to guide me, but frick, I already eat only healthy foods, just not enough. I haven't gotten any good advice from anyone about how to control the amount I eat. How did you get out of your mode?
I had to force myself to eat more food. I thought I was already eating a lot but when I actually counted calories...it only averaged 800-900 a day. There were days that it was less. Now I take in about 1100-1300 calories a day. I'm eating nothing but healthy foods too. I am currently on 50mcg of Synthroid. So who knows where that will lead me. I learned here that I needed to up my calories. I haven't gained much weight either since I started this. I need to lose about 30lbs to be where I used to be. I have been jogging and doing pilates to help but it hasn't been helping much.-Roni