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Hi all! I'm new here at posting but have been reading here for about 4 months trying to get motivated enough to go back on a low carb diet and stick with it. 29 years ago I was introduced to low carbing....back then the diet was called "the drinking man's diet". You could eat all the steaks, vegies(low carb veggies) have bacon and eggs for breakfast and soak your food with butter, etc.... and drink on this diet too. Whiskey and water...and then they came out with diet soda (no carbs) and still lose the weight! They based this diet on going back to the days of the apes and cavemen where there were no refined carbs and the cavemen lived on meat and fish and nuts. Then Atkins came along and was pooh-poohed and how dangerous it is! Now I know more new diabetics that their dr's suggest they go on Atkins and they lose weight and control their blood sugar, making them less likely to need insulin if they control their diet and lose some weight. At an earlier age I was about 125 pounds normally and am 5'3". I got pregnant 5 times and all those times shot up to about 200#. As soon as the baby was born I started the low carb diet and within 6 months was down to 120#. Then, I got preggie again! This happened 5 times....prego, have baby, lose the weight, get preggo again till 5 kids were had. i had 5 kids under the age of 5! He finally got fixed and now that is over with!
Now my youngest is 17....I almost lost it all after she was born. But my heart got really outta whack and I ended up diagnosed with sinus tachycardia, and was told to get off the synthroid! Now the weight has been hard to take off...and I'm 46 yrs old.
In the past 2 years I have gained 70 pounds and am extremely tired all the time. I work 40 hrs a week and I love my job! But this sudden weight gain like this just keeps on coming!
Does anyone know if once they are taken off of synthroid cause of heart palps that they might be able to get back on it?
So now, I am ready to start on Atkins again. I haven't read the book yet.
Can someone give me the quick lowdown on induction and such? When you start no more than 20 carbs? Is that true? Why no caffeine or alcohol?
I work with about 1400 people a day I have to speak to face to face. I worry about bad breath and am always chewing gum. Polar Ice. That is about 2 grams a stick. I eat about 8 sticks a day which would be about 16 carbs. There goes all my carbs on induction. What do you use to keep your breath fresh? And I am this time planning on buying some help in the form of GNC or Walmart from everything I've gathered on these boards. Thinking of trying CLA (1000 mgs. to start),
chromium works great for me to keep blood sugar levels in line, and Phaseoamin and Vitamin C. I got some L-Carnitine too. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Looking to save some carbs on that dang gum I chew! But, where I work, I have to have fresh breath, and I'm a smoker too! I am about 240# now...and are having all the symptoms of diabetes, so I gotta lose it....please don't give me a lecture about dr's and dieticians either....I'm a certified dietary mgr. and I know what I have to do and I know my body. I'm not at the point of needing insulin yet. I just got to lose it now or I will be on insulin in the near future! I know that when I eat the wrong things how my body feels. I do eat the right things but am not losing anything, but I need a jumpstart to some weightloss.