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can anyone suggest a diet for me, all that i've tried this year have caused me to gain. i only need to lose 20 lbs this is the last of 50 i gained on meds. i hate cottage cheese, and buying a lot of veggies is hard for me since i only shop once a week (they go bad)this is my typical diet lately.

am: english muffin with 1 tbs. whipped butter (i really don't like to eat a lot in the morning, and i take thyroid meds so i really shouldn't eat anything)

lunch: salad with 4 olives, 2 tbs dressing (40 cals), sometimes feta cheese, and turkey sand with american cheese on rye

snack: 1 piece of fruit (whatever is in season)and or crackers with cheese either low fat cheddar or cream cheese.

dinner: 1 asian eggplant baked, white rice. or green curry with rice, or coconut chicken soup with rice.

snack: same as before or a handful of almonds

once a week i bake a chicken and have that for lunch, and use the leftovers on my salad the next day or have a piece as a snack.

i only eat out once a week, either pad thai or pho noodle soup. maybe once a month mcdonalds(big mac and fries diet coke), kentucky fried chicken(leg and biscuit, diet coke) or loco pollo(leg, salsa,2 tortillas, one jalapeno strawberry soda).

at home i drink water, orange juice 3 or 4 times a week.
i take vitamin b complex, e, and calcium supplements everyday. i take synthroid for my thyroid and birth control pills.

i exercise almost everyday, pilates and about 15 minutes of cardio (i'm working up to more)

i can't seem to get below 144 lbs. and i'd rather eat less than have to worry about cottage cheese, no bread/rice type stuff ( i have a husband to feed and cooking two meals is just too much, not to mention shopping for two meals)

i'm thinking of trying weight watchers, but am afraid i'll just gain more weight on it like i did the others...

any ideas for what i could do?

THANK YOU in advance!