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I had some questions and was wondering if anybody could give me some advice or their experiences.

I'm thinking about going on birth control and have an appointment at the end of the month.

My reasons for going on it are the obvious birth control effects and so my periods will be more regular. I'd really like to know when my period is going to start, but it isn't very consistent. My period is also heavy and I get bad cramps, which I would like to get rid of.

My concerns are, I am hypothyroid and take synthroid. I've read that the pill can interfere with thyroid meds, and I might have to increase my dose. My levels are finally normal and I really dont want to mess with that.

I'm also concerned about acne. I've been on antibiotics for awhile and I am finally clear (although I think it has more to do with getting my thyroid hormones balanced). I'm afraid of breaking out again. I've heard Yasmin is really good to keep acne in control, any good experiences out there?

I'm concerned about moodiness and depression. I've had this in the past, but I believe it was thyroid related. Has anybody found a pill that hasn't caused them moodiness or depression?

Right now my periods average about 40 days apart. I like not having my period as often as 28 days. Would I be able to just take 2 packs back to back to skip every other period. Does anybody do this on a regular basis?

I'd just like to hear some pros and cons and what pills people like. I know everybody's different, and I will probably just have to do trial and error, but I'd like to hear from some people anyways.