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Hi Dawn-
I know what site you are talking about but that's not the same one I was thinking of. I'm going to post the link and hope it works. [url="http://home.ease.lsoft.com"]http://home.ease.lsoft.com[/url]

I have seen several posts at that site that talk about many of the same symptoms you mention. I was diagnosed in 1992 after 6 months of hell. Spent alot of time in the hospital. After the cortisone replacement I was like a new person. I also was found to have thyroid problems and menstrual cycle problems.
I had an 18mo. old at the time. I am now on synthroid, cortisone, and zoloft. All because of a pituitary disfunction that they can't identify the source of. The cortisone is essential- and increased dosages are a must in times of emotional and physical stress. Without it- I drag and feel like hell for weeks on end. It does not get better until you increase the dosage to mimic what your body would do normally. They thought I had fibromyalgia as well until the adrenal insufficiency was discovered and corrected. Then- most of those problems are under control. The problems with heat - common. I also had the same problem with my ears that you mention (I feel better now because I have not heard of anyone else that has that problem). So before this gets too long-
try that link above. It is just list server (no pictures) and you need a logon and password which you can set up easily. I post there off an on and there are some great people there too. This is such a rare problem that whereever you can find help- grab it.
TTYS- Paulette