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[quote]Originally posted by rnmcd:.

"Orion, can antibiotics decrease the size of enlarged tonsils permanently? Even for a person with chronically enlarged tonsils (at least 15 years)?"

It worked for me and I had mine for about 15 years. This week two new stones came out and my tonsil is almost normal size now. I am really pretty happy about that because it has been soooooo long since my tonsil was normal and I always felt something was wrong.

"I would never considered Vitamin D to help infected/inflammed tonsils...it must do more for the thyroid aspect as opposed to decreasing the infection.(?)"

Vitamin D is known to have effects on the immune system and although I wouldn't have believed it before, I now think that it has had a significant effect on my tonsil. I don't know of any relationship between thyroid and vitamin D. I have been taking thyroid meds for 6 years and that did have an affect on my tonsil but it never shrunk completely like it is doing now.

"I wonder why I have not experienced these "stones" that have been mentioned. My main problem is the inflammed tonsils affect my breathing and I have very frequent and painful sore throats."

I didn't start having big stones until my tonsils started shrinking permanently. Perhaps your tonsils remain inflamed and are building the stones inside (such stones have been imaged inside a tonsil and recorded in the medical literature).

"What do you take for your hypothyroid condition?"


"I do have a low white blood count...I would have thought it should be high because of my inflammed tonsils trying to fight off infection. Any ideas?"

I assume by "low" you mean normal. My white blood count was always normal even when I had a very enlarged tonsil. That was one reason my doctor said it was normal to have such a big tonsil because the blood work was normal. I guess some infections don't trigger white blood cells to increase or perhaps in my case my body wasn't able to mount a serious attack because of it's weakened condition.