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I had many of the symptoms so even before the nodule was found my GP gave me a prescription for Synthroid. Prior to my diagnosis My TSH flucuated from 2.2 to 1.61 but I don't feel that was too drastic of a flucuation. I don't have antibodies so perhapos that is why my TSH didn't vary much. My hypothyroidism is from the nodule. Have you had an antibodies test?

After a couple of months I noticed the hair loss with synthroid and I wasn't having total symptom relief. I asked to be changed to Armour which is sooooo much better. My TSH was changing on meds but that was about it. My T4 (10)stayed in the same high end range, which made me think I was having a conversion problem. I actually went in yesterday for my new lab results and my T3 is on the high end and my T4 is now an 8. So Me & my GP think that it was due to a conversion problem.

I am going to take my Armour in 2 seperate doses as many here on this board have suggested. I was feeling fine in the a.m. but by 3 p.m. I started dragging.
I hope I answered your question.
Quote from julied:
My most recent labs after about 8 weeks on .05 Levoxyl were:

TSH .007 (Range .35-5.50)
Free T4 1.9 (Range .8 - 1.8)
Free T3 4.8 (Range 2.3 - 4.2)

I am not having any hyper symptoms. I am scheduled to see a top doc on Thursday and hope to obtain armour. Wondering if you or anybody else has an opinion on my latest labs. You mentioned conversion problems. Was your Free t4 out of range at your last lab draw????? I really appreciate any insight

My labs looked very similar to yours after I had been on Synthroid for 3 months. I did have a couple of hyper symptoms, but most of those could have been hypo-related as well. My endo discontinued the Synthroid altogether because of the hyper labs. (I ran the numbers by "Dr" Meep ;) as well, and even he agreed I looked hyper - at least, on paper.) After I was off the Synthroid for a month, I saw another doctor to see if Armour would be better for me. So far, it has been wa-aa-ay better. I've been taking a small dose for a month, and it feels as though I may need more...I'm positive that I can't be hyper again... I'll know on Thursday for sure.