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Just thought I'd share the good news! I saw my new doctor yesterday, and he increased my Armour. Whoo-hoo!
It's a modest increase, only 15 mgs. But the 30mg I've been taking made such a difference, I'm hopeful the increase will help even more. TSH when I first saw him a month ago was 6.42 [.4-5.5]. (No measure of the free Ts.) Now TSH is 3.94 and FT4 is .8 [.8-1.8]... Hope that will increase along with the dose.

At first, he was going to double the increase. Then he looked at my records the endo sent to him outlining my adverse reaction to Synthroid and decided to be more cautious. (Darn.) He mentioned that I likely had the problem with the Synthroid because of conversion issues, but since the Armour is working better, there's not much sense in investigating the conversion angle at this time.

Iwannalife... If you see this, do I need to again beware of the infamous "Day 11" so I can prepare for it? :)
Quote from julied:
Curious if your Dr. explained the difference in terms of Armour and the possibility of going hyper because I too had slightly hyper results after 8 weeks on Levoxyl. I am hoping that I will adjust better to the Armour. I was previously taking .05 Levoxyl.
Julied, I've been having some trouble accessing the board since the format change, so I accidently overlooked your question till now.

Yes, he did mention that it was likely a conversion problem that caused the problem with Synthroid, and since the Armour seems to be working better, he wouldn't delve into the reason for the problem right now. He also said that each body is unique to some degree, and not everyone reacts to a disease or a drug in exactly the same way.

Funny.... when I told him that my burning tongue was better while taking the Armour, he said he'd never heard of that symptom before. I told him that was interesting, because it was the first symptom my mom had had at least 2 years before she was diagnosed hypo. He told me that each individual has enzyme processes going on in their bodies that can be different from the majority of people's, and those processes tend to run in families. I like his insight... most doctors would tell you that it's "in your head" just because they never heard of it.

Keep me updated how you're doing on the Armour... Here's wishing us both good luck and good health!