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Quote from pip48a:
...It would be interesting to know if there are any men that have them or is this just
women? I have also switched to Armour in the last 6 or 7 months. I wonder if that makes a
difference? How many of you are taking Armour as oppossed to just synthetic t4? I would be
interested to know? We can do our own little study. If you have night sweats? Are you post or pre
menopause? And what meds do you take?

good idea ...

ok, i'll go first: i have night sweats most nights (but not all), i'm long past menopause (happened at 45, now i'm 58), i'm on synthroid 125 and cytomel 100 mcg, began using Sarati natural progesterone cream (tube) four days ago ...

other meds are actonel, manerix (AD), anti-seizure meds ... + calcium, selenium, vit. D, folic acid, zinc, and a multi-purpose vitamin containing 500mg vit C ... i suppose the first para is all that's relevant ...

:D jb

what about doing a separate post for this??