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I think that there may be lots of reasons why william has trouble with any thing he takes in. Sounds almost like he has gland problems or something. When I first started drining water it sloshed alot for me too. But when I started the min.sea/salt I started noticing some changes with my skin. I have to take an extra high dose of synthroid and it makes my skin extremly dry and I used to even break out from lotions. This has cleared up alot. Also someone close to me has Hep_C and has noticed a big diff. with symtoms assoc. with it. My allergies are much better. Sinus infections were my big problem. My daughter did this treatment for shingles and she said it definately helped.(she's almost 14) This program is also very helpful for MS too. There are radio programs about this diet. I don't get those stations though. Do a search on 'watercure' see what you can come up with. They go by dr. batman, but his real name is F. Batmanghelidj,MD.
Obviously it's a fairly new concept. And min. sea/salt is alot diff. than sodium cloride. drs