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i have had several symtoms of low thyroid since last May
mostly i am EXHAUSTED all the time and get cold easily (i have night sweats but i am perimenopausal)
i have dry skin and dry hair and i feel horrible all the time, weak (maybe becuase i am less active - too damn tired to do much) a walk that used to take 15 mins now takes twice a long!!
i feel like my life is being stolen from me

ok, so you should know, my mom has low thyroid and has for years (over 30 yrs) so it is in the family

AND i have been on a high dose of lithium for decades, another risk factor for thyroid problems

they did the TSH and T4 and said it was all ok (this is my psychiatrist that does the blood work)

but i am nearly 100% sure that i need thyroid hormone, what do i have to do to get treated?????

i have terrible insurance so money is a big factor as well

any ideas??????

i honestly do not know how much longer i can go on like this
i have been to my family doc 3 times for tests to find out why i am so tired and now she is talkign about testing me for sleep apnea, lupus and MS!!
i really really think it is my thyroid and that all those tests would be a waste of time

cant' i just try the hormone (synthroid or whatever else there is) and if it works, that is the problem??

PLEASE some one help me! i am at the end of my rope
I feel your frustration. I've been there myself, to a degree.
Read the "Let's Post Our Stories" and "Information Archives" threads at the top of the subject page. It will give you a lot of good information about what to do when the doctor tells you the tests are "normal", but you feel they're wrong.

Interpreting thyroid test results is often more a matter of the doctor's opinion than it is a matter of fact. By law, you are entitled to your test results. Get a copy of them and post them here, including the lab's normal ranges with your numbers. Someone will probably be able to tell you if your hunch about hypoT is worth pursuing.
The insurance issue is a sticky wicket, alright. Occasionally, people have to resort to paying out-of-pocket to get treatment. I hope you won't have to.

Edited to say: I would wait on all those other tests if I were you. The chances of you having any of those diseases is way slimmer than of having hypoT. No sense overloading the insurance until the thyroid has been totally ruled out. I had over $2000 worth of those tests because my GP was too dumb to know the symptoms were from the start of my treatment with Synthroid.