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...and both worked for me but in different ways. The Lithium worked OK but I didn't like the tremors and narrow therapeutic range. I didn't feel like poisoning myself. That was about 6 years ago and this summer I went on Lamictal. It is supposed to be more of an antidepressant than an antimanic, which I needed b/c my depression was really bad. I didn't have any sides and I feel that Lamictal provices a "safety net" that doesn't allow me to get too depressed or too high. I don't know if it would be enough all by itself...I am also taking Wellbutrin and Remeron for depression/sleep, and Zyprexa for sleep. I guess it's an OK combination, but I don't think it's optimal. I wish there was just one pill that was a "bipolar basher" and that one pill was all you had to take. I guess we'll have to wait for medical science to invent that one though...
Good luck and good health
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Great catch phrase there! Your right, wouldn't be nice if they came out with a new family of bipolar meds. that took care of all related symtoms and called them bipolar bashers..

Well as you know I'm on Lithium and Lamictal. I'm also on Mirapex for restless leg syndrome, Seoquel to help with sleep at night, Inderal for the tremours and anxiety I have, Synthroid, Provigil for daytime sleepiness (also used for narcolepsy). So many pill bottles! so little space in my cabinet. :eek: