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Thanks for responding to my post about the high dose of synthroid. What frustrates me now is that my endo FINALLY returned my call today and they insisted what I was feeling was NOT from the thyroid meds. HA! They said since I lowered it there was NO way it was from the higher dose. Yet she told me 5 times it takes a week to get out of your system and I just lowered it four days ago. I was SO irritated! I think it was an intern since I go to a Univ. Hospital. I see the endo again in a month, but if they continue to insist it's not related, I may need to find someone new. I even looked in a drug book today, and I had EVERYTHING listed under the "adverse reactions" section! It's interesting you mentioned about doing 200mcg some days and 175 some days. I was wondering about that too. Anyway, thanks again for writing. I was going crazy thinking I'm the only one out there!
take care, and congrats on a good scan!