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I was told I was depressed and had anxiety. I was put on Prozac AND Xanax. It did no good. From what I'm seeing here, most hypo's don't get much help from antidepressants. Lithium seems like a strong drug to put a 14 year old on.
Her doctor will most likely put her on synthroid to bring her TSH down. The TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone (t4). It's put out by the pituitary gland. That doesn't tell what the thyroid gland is doing. They need to test her free t3 and free t4 hormones as well as a test for thyroid antibodies. The doctor can do that all with one blood draw. Don't let them tell you those tests are not needed because they are. The reason doctors don't usually do all these tests is because it's usually the same protocol as far as the meds go. But you and your daughter deserve to know exactly what's happening to her.
Be prepared for a possible uphill struggle. For me, the diagnosis (it took 9 months to get it) was easy. The fight with my old doctor for proper treatment was the hardest part.
Do all the research you can on thyroid diseases and treatment. Search the web and read some books. You'll be happy you did.

Edited to add-I'll bet the "bipolar" will disappear once she's stabalized on the proper dosage of thyroid replacement hormone.