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Oh dear lord, where do I begin?!? When will we cease to hear these horror stories day in, day out?!?

Yes, you absolutely are hypothyroid, probably the type caused by Hashimoto's disease. Your PA doesn't know diddle about which she speaks.
"The next blood tests revealed normal free T3 (261 with normal range of 230-420) and normal T4 (0.96 with normal range 0.8-1.8.) I did test positive for thyroid antibodies – Thyroid Peroxidase AB ( >70 with less than 2 being normal.)" Just so you know, your free T3 and free T4 are low/normal, which is the same as saying they're too low. Most people have symptoms unless the free Ts are in the middle of the lab range. Just barely making it into the range doesn't cut it. Low T3 is the probably cause of all your anxiety, and the fact that you have antibodies makes a Hashi's diagnosis likely. Many respected medical professionals say that the phrase "subclinical hypothyroidism" is as accurate as saying "she's a little bit pregnant". In other words, a person has hypoT or she doesn't. The slightly abnormal lab values that occur with so-called subclinical disease will always get worse given enough time, and meanwhile... people are left untreated, feeling terrible and unable to function.

You should take that Armour and run with it... Most of those here who can only get their doctors to prescribe Synthroid or other synthetic brands of T4 would kill to get their hands on some Armour. I think you should stick with the physician and run as fast as you can from that ignorant PA.

Thyroid hormone replacement products are not "drugs" per se. They replace the hormones which your gland isn't making enough of. Unlike all those other drugs you have been prescribed, the only side effects you could have from thyroid hormones relate only to either under-or-over replacement.

You have most of the classic hypothyroid symptoms. The ones that are caused directly by the underproduction of thyroid hormone will absolutely be eliminated when you supplement the proper amount of hormones that your body needs.