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I was awake for the surgery. It was a standard slit your throat operation. I had local anestesia with sedation but I do remember a little. The surgery took about 2 hours and it hurt when it was done but then they gave me some pain medication similar to Motrin which helped. I had pain for a day or two but nothing horrible. I would equate it with having a tooth pulled. They gave me a prescription for Vicatin but I did not fill it because Motrin helped enough. I felt like I had a sore throat for four or five days and I also had a very stiff neck for about 2 weeks. Both of these syptoms improved day by day though. Nothing changed with my voice. After a week I was feeling pretty good. I was pretty tired for the first 4 or 5 days.

I only stayed in the hospital for 6 hours then I went home. The doctor advised me to take TUMS for about a week and if had the symptoms of calcium loss to call him but I never did and never had my levels checked. He did remove one parathyroid during surgery accidentally(this is common)but he put it back.

My nodule was suspicious(2.3 cm) also but luckily it was proved benign so I do not have to have RAI. I did not gain any weight ( I am very petite)yet and am hoping I do not. I went back to the gym after 2 weeks. I was pretty much myself after 2 weeks and driving after 3. I went back to work after 1 week. Now a month later I feel totally back to normal. I did not have any hair loss, in fact I think I might lose less hair now than before. I started taking biotin after my surgery (which is good for the skin and hair) not sure if that helped any. I also take a multivitamin.

I take synthroid 112mcg. Prior to my surgery I was taking 50 mcg.

Hopefully I can have children. People who are not getting the right dosage of thyroid hormone could have problems with fertillity but if levels are monitored, they can have children and get pregnant like everyone else.

Like I said, as long as you get a top surgeon you should be fine. I think that it makes the world of difference, as I compare my recovery with others.