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Hi all,

I just joined this group recently, and have not been on since, with the holidays and all. with my first post, everyone was so nice and INFORMED - I got a bunch of books on hypothyroidism, too!

I have to go for bloodwork, because my test showed "abnormal" whatever that means to my doctor. He has me on Synthroid, and since i have been taking it regularly, I do have a bit more energy sometimes. BUT-I am always cold, seems like I am always fighting off a cold, I now have been spotting between periods, blood in my urine, constipation - and everywhere I look for information, the one common cause is my hypothyroidism!!!!

I just don't understand how I could have this, though, because I am SO thin, always have been. That part seems strange to me.

So - when I go for my blood test, I will not be seeing a doctor, just the lab tech. I just wonder if I should just skip this and go straight to an Endocrinologist? how in the world can I find a good, empathetic doctor??

Thanks for letting me vent.