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Unfortunately my hair is still thin, and it falls out in large amounts periodically, but with the curls, I'm the only one that notices.
You need to get an actual copy of your blood work up. Some docs don't like this because they feel threatened that you may check up on them or know a bit more on the subject than they do. I found they give no hassles when I tell them that I'm possibly going to be changing health insurance and they want my last 3 yrs of med history or I just keep a copy of all my records at home just in case I need them.
You may be told you're in normal ranges, but normal is subjective. Most people should have there TSH between 1 and 2. But normal says you can have it up to 6 with out problems. But different people function better at a different range. Many people who are hypothyroid get relief from synthroid (works on the T4), I didn't get any relief!! My TSH began to drop, but symptoms did not go away. I'm waiting to try Cytomel, which works on the T3's and for those who got no relief from the first, the latter was a life saver.
That may be the difference for me. Hopefully my hair will come back in thick like it was. Don't ya wish now that you never complained about how thick it was or hard to take care of???? LOL Got your wish!! I know that's the first thing I thought....careful what you wish for....anyway, my sense of humor is a little off, so hope I didn't offend you. I just have had numerous health problems for so long, that it's my only coping mechanism, most don't get it....but I am now easily entertained!! LOL
Let us know how you're doing. BTW do you have any other out of the ordinary symptoms going on?