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After a recent complete blood work, I was told I have borderline iron deficiency anemia. The nurse gave me the results over the phone, but didn't say if I should come in and see the doctor or not. I started taking StressTabs Plus Iron to be on the safe side, but am now experiencing (along with fatigue) shortness of breath when lying down. The feeling is as though I have "forgotten" to breath. I had the same symptoms during the second trimester of both my pregnancies (I had to sleep sitting up to avoid this feeling). All my life I have had good iron levels, even though for a few years I was a vegetarian, and at some points a strict vegan. My iron levels were great, even after giving birth, but now that my youngest is 10 months old, I am having feelings of exhaustion and for the past few nights, shortness of breath. I work out at the gym on a regular basis, and have no problem with my breathing then. This only happens when I am lying down, and is worse when I'm on my left side. Anyone else have this? Could it be something else? I am also taking Synthroid for hypothyriodism, and am having a hard time keeping my levels constant. Thanks!