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Approximately six months ago my wife noticed some minor swelling in the left supraclavicular area of her neck. This swelling is soft and most of the time is nontender. As the swelling increases the tenderness also increases. This area will swell up for a few days then the swelling will dissipate.
There really seems to be no commom thread as to what aggravates and causes the area to become inflamed.

She has been examined by several doctors and has had multiple diagnostic tests which include, CT, MRI, and Chest x-ray, lab work has included CBC, CMP, TSH, SED rate, and Aldolase. All of these have come back perfectly normal. Nothing on the imaging tests and all lab values are in the normal range. She has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and is currently taking 50mcg of synthroid per day which is keeping her in the normal therapeutic range.

We have tried several ways of dealing with the discomfort and pain associated with the swelling. Antiinflammatories do nothing, analgesics again do nothing, our doctor prescribed Lortab 7.5 for the pain but these are becoming less effective When the swelling is at its peak it is approximately the size of a large egg right in the left supraclvicular area, and the pain radiates in all directions from this point. At its worst she has required Demerol 50mg and Phenergan 50mg to obtain relief, which is only temporary at best.

Our family physician is baffled he openly admits to not having a clue what this is, I work as an Emergency Room Nurse and have had an Internal Medicine Doctor look at it who is also baffled, especially with the SED Rate and CPK levels being normal. We were referred to an ENT Specialist and he too has never seen anything like this before. For this swelling not to show on a CT or MRI has the physicians baffled, they do not even show any soft tissue thickening, they are completely normal.

Our family physician has also attempted to perform a fine needle aspiration on the swelling whe it was particularly large and uncomfortable. He obtained nothing during this procedure. No Fluid, no air, nothing. This again was found to be odd by him.

I hope I have provided anyone with enough history and information about this enigma. If anyone reading this can offer some insight or advice it would be greatly appreciated.