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Hey there.. sorry it took me a little bit to get back to you.. foot has been killing me and my monitor decided to blow on me.. ughh.

I never weened off any of my meds at all. I took all my normal meds, my neurontin (2600mg) elavil (50mg) Lortab (10/750) and my synthroid all through my trial and when i had the perment one put in adn still to this day take all the same meds with out decreasing anyof them. My doc told me that I needed to stay on the meds expecially the neurontin to help make the stim work right. BC the neurontion works on the brain and how it receives signals and with the stim working on blocking the pain signals going to the brain and breaking the pain cycle the neurontin helps the brain to process the vibrations as non pain and process it right.. ( i tihnk thats about right, what he said)

I would be concerned about him taking you off the meds, expecially before geting the stim adn goign into surgery with out any meds... what if it doesnt work (the stim) and you need the meds nad now you have to work your way back up to theraputic levels so that you can get some releif or what you had before the surg. If i read correctly he is going to take you off these 2 weeks before the surg? Thats going to be horrible to go through bc you will go through like a mini withdrawl... and the pain will come back 10 fold.. you really dont understand how much the meds you are on , help you both help you deal with your pain and take the pain away, even though you still feel alot of pain, the meds take some too and when he takes them away from you ... its gonna be hard and then go through a big surgery .....??? that worries me some.... I dont mean to scare you by any means, i just want to give you my opinion and what my doc said to me... Let me know if i can help you more!! Love ya !!