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Hi! I am so glad I found this board. I have felt alone in this battle until now. I just wanted to give my history and see if anyone agrees, disagrees, or can over an opinion about what my doctors are doing.

First blood work was done in 9/03 by my gynecologist due to my complaints of weight gain and constant fatigue. TSH was 141 (.350-5.50), T4: 3.1 (4.5-12.0), T3: 20 (24-39), and Free T4: 0.6 (1.2-4.9). I was put on 50 mcg of Synthroid. In 10/03 more bloodwork, only TSH tested was 49 - she increased my Synthroid to 100 mcg. In 12/03 more bloodwork, only TSH again an this time it was 4.2. She kept me on the same does even with me expressing that original symptoms were the same. In 1/04 I felt a swollen fleshy lump in the front of my throat. I went to see her since she was my only doctor. She said she couldn't feel anything and I told her again I still didn't feel any better after 5 months of treatment. She said the lump in my throat was from stress and gave me Prozac samples, but did blood work again. This time TSH's were back up to 18.3. She increased my Synthroid to 150 mcg, and I demanded she refer me to an Endicrinologist, which she did bu I couldn't get in until the last week of February.

I was not satisfied with her diagnosis of my "flesy lump" so I went to an urgent care facility the next day. This doctor did more bloodwork and sent me for an ultrasound. Blood work results were TSH: 18.6, T4: 11.6, T3: 18, and Free T4 2.1. They use the same lab so the norms are the same. My ultrasound showed a nodule and I was referred to an ENT for a biopsy. The biopsy had to be ultrasound guided, so I went to an area hospital. Guess what, they found no nodule, so no biopsy was done. The ENT also di blood work and the results were Antithyroglobulin Ab: 163 (0-40), TPO Ab: 688 (0-34), and Thyroglobulin <0.5 (0,5-55.0). He diagnosed me with Hashimotos Thyroidits.

I went to the Endo. this week. He confirmed Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroidits. He did more blood work, but I haven't gotten the reults back yet. He says no need to biopsy until we see a nodule but from what I have read on various web sites one shoud be done to confirm the presence of lymphocytes. He is going to prescribe a combo of Synthroid and T3.

On blood testing from the hospital, my RBC count was low. I know Hashi's can also cause forms of anemia, and other autoimmune disorders. he is retesting my RBC.

The Endo doesn't seem to be too concerned, but is very nice and listens. Does his next step seem to be in the right direction, or should I ask (demand)for other things to be done? Please let me know what you guys think. I'm just really frustrated. And by the way I have never taken the Prozac, I would like to offer it to her!