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Quote from BonBe:
Mary Anne you are too quiet. Hope all is well with you. How is your RA faring these springy sort of days! Let us know all is ok when ever you can

Soon it will be St. Patricks Day and your Chicago River will be awash with green! next week in fact.....

again, do drop a line when you can if you please. Much hugs and squeezes to you!

Bonnie :bouncing: :angel:

Hi there, Bonnie my friend :wave:

I read the boards every day. Most times I just read the responses and nod my head, thinking "that's what I would have told the poster too".

The RA....sucks. To add insult to injury, I had a CAT scan did of my back, where the wonderful Drs found bulging discs and spinal stenosis. Now they want me to go in for an MRI, to see if anything else is wrong. Like that's not enough???? lol

I tell ya, I'm too young, to be going to heck in a handbasket.

I go in Friday to get bloodwork for my thyroid, then have an appt a week after that to 'talk' to my dr about the results. He has had me on 212 mcg synthroid this last 6 weeks. 225 mcgs made my hyper, 200 made me hypo...let's see how this does.
Oh, and this is the Dr who keeps saying "next time you come in we'll get you switched to armour" and has yet to keep that promise. When I was in there last week (for my RA and back) I told him "be prepared to switch me to armour next time I am in here - I here there's a new dr starting a practice in town the 19th". He just looked at me a minute then started laughing and said, "okay ....you win - see you in a couple of weeks"

Silly man, did he think I was kidding? :D

I hope you and everyone else is doing well -I'm off to read the boards and to reply to some other posts (if the very learned people on this board have not already answered them first).

Have a great day and many hugs to you.

Mary Anne