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The doctor I went to see only tested the TSH...and she decreased the synthroid dosage from .125 to .112. I still have low body temp(97 during the day..lower when I am sleeping) and many other symptoms of low thyroid.
Hey Almondjoy, (your name is my very favorite candy bar). You know, when I was first dx'd with hypothyroid, my doc put me on Levothroid. (T4) I felt horrible, worse than before, and I stayed cold constantly. (Never did warm up on that stuff). I'd check my temps all the time, and they were in the high 96's or low 97's. It stayed like that for 3 months. And I never felt any better, along with terrible muscle pain, (that I really didn't have before) and the joint in my L. ankle hurt so bad, among other things. I asked to be switched to Armour, and would you believe within 2 weeks my temps started rising? It took 4 months of feeling really crappy, (but at least I warmed up), and finally I started feeling good again. I'm not 100% yet, but feel I'm getting close. And my body temps feel perfectly normal now, all the time. Maybe you just need a switch to another med, (like Armour). I read your other post, and it seems you've given Synthroid enough time to show if it's going to help you or not. If your Dr.'s not open to trying something new for you, it probably would be worth it to find a new Dr. that is.

Good luck...