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After a miscarriage 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Asthma (I take Advair for this), Nasal Polyps (Rhinocort Aqua for this), Hypothyroidism (Synthroid for this), and Non-Allergic Rhinitis (Zyrtec for this)....Non-Allergic Rhinitis?

I think the only thing 'non-allergic' means that they can't find what I am allergic to. Anyone have the same? I can't seem to find out much information about it. Doc says to just take my meds...but you know. That's not always the answer I want to hear.

Any helpful info would be much appreciated! ;)
i have a similar story!!.... im hypothyroid im on synthroid....and recently (2 months ago) i have been sneezing alot and having some type of allergic reaction :S..... i used to have asthma when i was younger but i kinda grew out of it as i havent had an attack n havent used a puffer in a while..... im goin to the doctors tommorow my mom thought it was hay fever im not sure ill tell u what happens! lol