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My Endo finally put me on Synthroid 75mcg 2 days ago. I had RAI last Nov for Graves and he wanted to wait until my TSH went out of range.
My TSH was 6.985 on my labs taken on Tuesday.
( 0.270-5.20 )
My FT4 was 1.20 ( 0.930-1.700 )
I'm still waiting for the FT3 and Anti-bodies to come back.
I really wasn't feeling that bad..had a few days per week where I was really fatigued and couldn't work out but nothing else.

Well anyway..the day before I started the Synthroid..I came down with a runny nose and sneezing and coughing. Now today..I'm running a fever of 101.6 ( temps been in the 96-97's ) and eyes are really swollen.. can't keep much in me..just the plain old flu I think.

My question is..what kind of meds can we or can't we take for these bugs?
What do ya'll usually do when you get the flu..besides drink a lot of liquids and rest...or is that all we can do?

I really need to take something for this cough and fever but I wasn't sure what to take. I did manage to keep a little bit of home made chicken soup in me today.

Thanks ya'll..
My fever finally broke around 4 this morning and I can breathe easier now. Still have the cough and runny nose and my eyes are tearing bad but I think I'm finally on the mend. I'm so hungry I feel like I can eat a bear..lol
Another question..I take my synthroid between 3 & 4 am every morning.
I usually have fresh squeezed orange juice with my breakfast between 7 & 8
is that enough time after my meds?
I also take Vit C, Vit E & Selenium, B Complex, Mag, Zinc, Calcium, CLA & L-Tyrosine.
I was taking a Multi Vit but It was making me really sick so I cut that one out.

I know I read somewhere on the boards here when the best time to take these were but I can't find it at the moment.. can someone tell me what times of the day I should take these supplements. Before I started the Synthroid I didn't really worry about when I took them but now I don't want to do anything to mess up the asbortion of my meds.

Thanks again,