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I had graves disease/surgery at age 25 and part of thyroid was removed. then, at age 35 had more of thyroid removed because still hyperthyroid, so not much is left. I have not felt normal since that time and I am aged 57. The past few months I have gone downhill and have incredible exhaustion, weakness, cannot digest very well, especially proteins, weight loss, low basal temp., depression, poor concentration, brain fogginess, no libido, allergies, etc. I am going to a new doctor who is treating me very slowly with meds. I have been taking Synthroid for years. (alternating with Armour and with each change never feeling normal). Now I have been taking Synthroid 100mcg for about 2 years and my new doctor has added T-3 sr compound 7.5 mcg. I have been on this for 3 weeks and still have all the symptoms. My levels were: TSH 1.29 (0.40-5.50), T-4 Free 1.2 (0.8-1.8), T-3 Free 219 (230-420). My doctor will only consent to titrating up a small amount of T-3 every few weeks but the way I feel now I may not last that long. I can get Armour online and I want to add a small amount to my treatment protocol. I cannot afford another doctor at this time; I am living on a credit card right now. How much Armour would be safe to add? My doctor doesn't like to use Armour because the dosages are not consistent enough for her. I was tested for adrenal insufficiency by saliva, and I do have too low cortisol so she is supplementing a low dose of cortisol, too. Can anyone suggest how much Armour I might try to get through the day?
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi....it appears that your FT4 is within range but your FT3 is really low. You do not need Armour, but you do definitely need T3 (Cytomel). Armour contains 80% T4, which you really don't need, and 20% T3, which isn't enough for you. By the time you got enough T3, you'd be too high on your T4. Stick with the Cytomel. Although doc isn't giving you enough now, if you titrate every 2 to 3 weeks, you'll eventually get to the right dose. Your FT3 needs to be checked every time you titrate, but if costs are a factor, wait till you've increased the dose several times, then give that 3rd increase 2 weeks to settle in, then re-check. You will know when you've increased it enough because you'll begin to feel well again and you'll stop losing your hair, among other symptoms.
Your doctor is not aware of the Synthroid lawsuits for inconsistencies, rather than the smear campaign that Synthroid set up against Armour Thyroid when they first started out. Please find the lawsuits in one of your favorite search engines. You'll find plenty on it!
Good luck! :wave: [/FONT]