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Thank you for your response. In looking at my test results again the Free T4 is at the low end and the TSH is at the high end of normal range. I hope I picked a good endocrinologist. I've got an appointment in mid-April. One office I called was not taking new patients until August!

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Please post the actual numbers and your lab ranges when asked about test results. Since labs differ in different areas for their "normals" it's always a good idea to do this.
The TSH is no longer normal at the high end with 5.0, but rather 3.0 and now is being considered to drop below 3, hence the reason for all the accuracy questions. So you can see, we need to see numbers.
It's a good idea never to assume doctors know everything.....they don't. When it comes to thyroids, most, but not all, are still in the dark ages, and likely to stay there. Many of us have had to go from doctor to doctor until we find one that listens to symptoms and orders the right lab work. To defend themselves, they stick with using only Synthroid, ask you wait months to see if your symptoms clear up by themselves, and only use the TSH, and/or the FT4. The FT3 is equally important, whereas the TSH is of little value as it only measures the pituitary response to the thyroid level already there.
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I saw the endocrinologist today and I liked him very much. He said he was a bio-chemistry major before he became an endocrinologist.

After feeling my neck he could tell I had something wrong with my thyroid. He said it was firm and enlarged and then he showed me a model of what a normal thyroid looked like and what mine probably looked like and it was definitely much larger than what a normal thyroid looked like. He said that my thyroid has probably been like this for quite a while.

We then talked about my blood test results and what the normal ranges should be and he did mention, as has been mentioned on this board, about the different studies on what the normal ranges should be. But, what was most important is that he said we should try to reach "normal levels for me", levels that would hopefully alleviate some of my symptoms i.e. fatigue.

We talked about the different medications synthroid, armour, etc. and he is going to start me on 0.075 mg Synthroid to be taken at night and scheduled me for blood tests 8 weeks from now. I asked him if the medication would shrink my thyroid back to normal size and he said "no, but hopefully treatment would prevent it from getting any larger."

Hopefully, 8 weeks from now I'll start to see some positive results.
I've been taking Synthroid for almost 3 weeks and for the last couple of weeks it seems I've had a headache every day. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am on no other medication except Synthroid.
Headache is listed as an adverse effect in the prescribing information for Synthroid. They say it may be a sign of overtreatment.
Let us know what you find out from the doctor.
My doctor took me off synthroid last week and told me to have a blood test done in 3 months. I felt terrible on synthroid - I was having headaches and my legs felt very weak, plus I had cramping in my calf muscles. I'm feeling better being off it, but still want to get my hypothyroidism under control, because I'm still feeling tired. I was on synthroid for 3 weeks. Is waiting 3 months to go for blood tests normal?
Hi again kelcon.
I too had a bad experience with Synthroid. It created terrible aching in my muscles and joints. Eventually it made me hyperT, and I had to stop it. The endo told me, too, to come back in 3 months, but I wasn't willing to wait that long. I saw a new doctor about 4 weeks after stopping Synth, and my TSH was back up to nearly 7 after having dropped to .02 on the Synth. He put me on Armour, and I've not had any terrible reactions the way I did with the synthetic. No drastically dropping TSH... no joint pains.

It shouldn't take 3 months for the effects of the Synth to leave your body. Six weeks should be plenty of time to be retested. Check into the possibility of a natural med next time; it could make a world of difference.
I couldn't handle the Synthroid either, and my Endo put me on 1 grain of Armour to be started the next day, lol. I guess he figures there is no need to wait. I didn't have any problems switching. Good luck! :)
I went back to my endo today and he put me on 50 mcg of Levoxyl. My body sure didn't like 75 mcg of synthroid that I had been taking. He said it may have been the color or the fillers. I hope I can tolerate Levoxyl.
I'm glad you didn't stop the Synthroid and wait 3 months to see about taking something else. I hope the Levoxyl works better, too. Good luck with it!
Hi Midwest,

You were right. There was no sense for me to wait 3 months to see him again and, actually, I am kind of disappointed that that was his initial decision when I called the office to tell them the problems I was having with synthroid. And, today, even though we had discussed at length the different thyroid medications at my first office visit he made no mention of armour as a possible solution. It seems that he wants to try the synthetics first. I went on the armour website and found that my pcp is in their referral program, so if Levoxyl doesn't do the trick I just might go back to my pcp and talk to him about armour.
Just a quick update. It's been almost a month since I switched from 75 mcg of Synthroid to 50 mcg of Levoxyl. I still didn't like the way I was feeling after a couple of weeks on that dosage of Levoxyl, so I took it upon myself to break the pill in half and try half the dosage and that seems to be working for me. I'm not as tired and my concentration seems better. I go for blood work in another month and I'll be curious to see the results.