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it is scary. the interesting part about thyroid cancer compared to some other cancers though is that surgery and RAI is the gold standard. If you were to have metastasis, and assuming the cells were iodine-avid, you would most likely undergo further RAI to treat any recurrence.

My son is now 2--he was 15 months at the time. It was a little strange to be away from him for 8-9 days because he seemed so different to me by the time I returned--he just seemed to have developed so much in that short period of time. Maybe it's all about perspective, who knows? But he was very good about things. He seemed so surprised to see me as if he didn't think he would ever see me again--ran into my arms and gave me a big hug--it was great. As for the treatments I told him that I was sick and couldn't stay too close for a little while and he managed with that. My scar was somewhat of interest to him--he looked at me very concerned and said "mama booboo, hurts? and I would tell him, "no, its ok." And that was that. Its interesting even at such a young age what they comprehend.

Hang in there. My most annoying hypo symptom was a heavy feeling in my arms when I brushed my teeth. During my RAI isolation I actually felt ok though (apart from being so sick of sour candy), I spent some time outside and managed to even rake leaves and skim the pool a bit! In a few weeks you'll be back on Synthroid and hopefully feeling fine in no time~

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Hi cuello,
Yes, I did have a total thyroidectomy. And you are correct, the lab report did say minimally invasive follicular cancer. I think what has been most scary for me is realizing that these cells are going through my body and I just want to kill them all off! I am more anxious about just getting to the RAI. I am 49, and I think just because of my age it might be a greater risk of going somewhere else....but that may not be true. I know that because of my age, I was put at a stage 2, and that made me quite nervous. It's funny how this cancer is staged by age like that....it just makes me think that I may be "too old" to fight this like someone much younger....I have 2 children that are grown and out of the house, (26 & 21), but I still have my "baby" to care for and he is just 13. I just want to get through all of this as fast as I can, so that we can go back to a normal life. I always worry that my stress will rub off on him and he will be so stressed as well. You mentioned that you had a child. How old was your child when you were going through this....and how did your child manage all of the changes? Thanks, Claudia