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well, after worrying about my low FreeT3 levels given my new pregnancy - i saw my general doc. today and they said there that my TSH is too low, and they are reducing my dosage of synthroid.

My TSH is suppressed well below the lab range, and has been happily there for years - i experience no hyper symptoms, in fact, i'm worried about some rapid weight gain last fall (20lbs in 3 months). They refused to test for Free T3 and Free T4, saying those are not reliable measures during pregnancy.

my former endo (don't have one now) always spoke in terms of needing to increase my dose when i become pregnant... and now they are telling me i'm hyper, which i know i'm not... and reducing my dose... i was already scared enough of miscarriage, and with a lower dose it gives me something more to worry about, gah. (though they are only reducing from .150mg to .122mg, so maybe i shouldn't worry too much...)

any insight people have would be greatly appreciated!