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I started out on 1 gr of armour daily. After six weeks, my doctor was concerned because my tsh had dropped down to .18. He said that some experts would just leave me on that dose as long as I felt good. I had no hyper symptoms except for getting a bit hyper once in a great while. He had me drop one dose a week. I now skip half a pill on Monday and Thursday. My question is this: Essentially, I have dropped from 60 mcg per day to 51.4 per day. Could this small decrease make a difference? After six weeks of the lower dose, I am having cold skin and intolerance to cold again. These symptoms were gone when I was taking the full dose daily. Thanks!!
:bouncing: :bouncing: I completely agree with the others here. For 10 years on Synthroid, Levoxyl, all the synthetics my tsh was 5. Now on 2 grains of Armour a day, my tsh is .46 and I feel wonderful. One of the big differences between Armour's t3 and synthetics is that it is absorbed in the gut very rapidly and at about 90%. If you were having hyper symptoms, it would be different, but withour any hyper symptoms, take the dose that works.