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I am new to your board. I am in Canada and have been hypo for about 3 yrs now. I am very sensitive to changes in my levels and have many symptoms from extreme muscle pains, headaches, mental fog, depression/anxiety to menstral problems. I went last week to dr and she told me it was depression and gave me Effexor (I took one and that was enough) But she also gave me cytomel and 175 mg of synthroid and I was feeling less depressed.

I really want to try the natural but don't know how to take it.

My dr. is willing to give me Armour (Thyroid in Canada). I went in yesterday and she gave me 1 1/2 grains (90 mg) which is par with 150 mg of synthroid. I was on 150 synthroid and had just upped it to 175 for the past week with 12.5 of cytomel.

My question is my dr knows nothing about the natural and I'm concerned that 90 mg is maybe to high a dose because of the T3. Should I split up the dose twice a day?

Are there any side effects to getting used to the Armour in the first little while?

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

The source I have for converting Synthroid to Armour says that 90 mgs (1 1/2 grains) of Armour is roughly equal to 57 mcg T4 + 13.5 mcg T3, and would replace 111-150 mcg of synthetic T4.
If you were already taking 12.5 Cytomel, you can see you aren't getting much more T3 than that with Armour.
Does that make sense?