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4 years ago, I had my thyroid checked, despite feeling okay. (I was getting all my hormones checked at the time, as I was in my mid-forties.) At that time my TSH measured 1.72, my total T3 was 92, and my total T4 was 6.6. The nurse practicioner said my thyroid was "low normal" and started me on 50 mcg. Synthroid. After much experimentation for several years, I found I felt best on 100 mcg. of Levothroid; more caused my TSH to go below range. I checked my latest lab sheets and my total T3 on this dose is 97, total T4 is 8.3, and TSH is 0.53. Everything other than the TSH looks so close to what I was to start with that it makes me wonder if I ever needed thyroid hormone replacement in the first place! I wonder if the few points I was gaining on each measurement is enough to warrant blocking and replacing my natural thyroid hormones with a synethetic. I went off thyroid hormones cold turkey and, after a month, still feel okay. They say normal function returns in 6 -8 weeks if I have not had atrophy of the gland due to suppressing it. I'd like to know if anyone else has any information on this, or has been through something similar, and what was the outcome? Thanks.