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Hello there,

I had a partial thyroidectomy last week due to a large benign nodule (size of an egg!) in my thyroid. The pathology results came back stating I had 2 very small nodules, the largest was 1.5mm, of follicular thyroid cancer. The surgeon wants to immediatly go back back in to take the other half out (w/o radioactive iodine afterwards). With no guarantee of any cancer on the remaining thyroid and considering it was such a small amount, I am reluctant to do so.

Has anyone had a similar diagnosis?

The main concerns I have are:

1. Would the second surgery be more difficult/complicated if I wait a year or longer?

2. What the first 1-3 months are like after a complete thyroidectomy (ie, how will this change my life? how many Doctor appointments and how often?).

3. How long does it take to get the synthroid levels regulated (post-surgery)

4. Can I be active and return to my "normal" life on sythroid. If so, how soon after surgery?

If anyone has any insight to any of these questions please feel free to post.